Best Iphone Case Recommendations 

11 Best iPhone Cases to Buy in 2021

Having a smartphone is certainly still incomplete if it is not equipped with a phone case. Besides being able to beautify the smartphone, this phone case can also protect the smartphone from collisions when dropped, from water and dust. That’s why not a few people are willing to spend quite a lot of money to get a good and cool case.

Especially if you use an iPhone. The iPhone is known for its good quality with a fairly expensive price, so it’s no wonder iPhone users must really take care of the smartphone. One of them is by wearing the best iPhone 12 Case.

Each iPhone certainly has its own types, starting from the iPhone 5, 5SE, 6, 6+ 7, 7+, 8, 8+, iPhone X, XR, XS and also XS MAX, 11, 11 Pro, to the latest iPhone type, namely iPhone 12, 12 mini, and 12 pro. Each of these types has a different design when buying an iPhone case, of course, you just have to adjust it to the type of iPhone you are using.

Discussing telephone cases, at present there are so numerous interesting and cool telephone case items. Notwithstanding the material, this telephone case can likewise be recognized from its shape. Please, we should talk about it altogether.

Get to know the HP Case Material

Often find the same phone case but different prices, one of the factors is the material for making the smartphone case. Curious what the material is? Here’s the review.

  1. Skin

Often see goods made of leather that have a high enough price? Same thing with the phone case made of leather. Phone case made of leather that can provide protection to the smartphone. Not only that, the smartphone will also look more luxurious and elegant.

  1. Polyurethane

Having a soft and hard texture, this phone case is made of polyrethane material, which is a synthetic material. This phone case made of polyrethane material has many forms that can provide protection for the smartphone. And usually for a phone case with this polyrethane material, it is priced at an affordable price.

  1. Fabric

Moreover, there is a telephone case made of fabric material. It is very comfortable to hold, but this phone case also has a drawback, which is that it gets dirty very quickly. But still the same, this phone chase can provide protection for your smartphone.

  1. Wood

Recognized in its protection that is more than other cases, it is a phone case made of wood. Having a very artistic appearance, this phone case is also comfortable to hold and doesn’t get dirty easily.

  1. Carbon Fiber

The next is a phone case made of carbon fiber material. Normally this case has a genuinely light weight and is tough when utilized.

Know the Types of HP Cases

Already know what the material for the phone case is, now is the time for you to be presented with the types of the phone case. What are the types? Here’s the review.

  1. Silicon Case

The first is a type of silicon case. This type very familiar, Because not infrequently when buying a smartphone, this silicon case becomes an additional product or bonus from buying the smartphone. Having a soft texture for smartphone, this silicon case is made of chemical elements. The use of this phone case can beautify your smartphone, but the case will become loose as you use it every day.

  1. Hard Case

The second is a hard case phone case. Having a hard, strong and rigid texture, the protection of this type of phone case does not need to be doubted. As for the material, this hard case is made of a material that is equivalent to plastic but is lighter in weight.

  1. Soft Case

Having a soft and supple texture, it is a softcase type phone case. Made of soft plastic, these soft cases are usually designed with a thicker layer at the edges. So, your phone remains in safe protection.

  1. Fuze Case

Then there is the fuse case, which is a combination of a silicone case, hard case and soft case. The result is a phone case with a fairly hard center but soft on the edges. With this fuze type phone case, the smartphone bazel can be well protected.

  1. Flip Case

At last, there is a flip case type telephone case. Similar to other phone cases, what distinguishes this type of phone case is that it has a smartphone screen cover or cover. Not only the back, this flip case covers all parts of the phone.

December 2023