How To Improve Cell Phone Photography?

Improve Your Mobile Phone Photography With These Tips - SHOOTFACTORY

Cell phones are the real heroes nowadays!

Are you dressing up for a night out with friends? Take lots of selfies. Are you having the most scrumptious meal in town? Capture the moment. Are you traveling to new places with your loved ones? Record everything for the memories!

Do you see how versatile and paramount a cell phone is for our day-to-day photography?

But, capturing every moment in an iconic way is, indeed, very daunting. The steering angles and lousy lighting may ruin the moment for you. You don’t want that, do you?

Smartphone photography has drastically improved ever since the invention of new tools and accessories to give off an aesthetic vibe to your photos.

Such tools and accessories include a ring light, tripod stand, editing software, a new lens, and much more. However, the tool that accentuates the visuals of a picture the most is a selfie light ring.

There is much more to cell phone photography that you need to grasp before you capture the best shot of yours. So, stick right here with us to get the best tips and tricks on how to take a perfect picture while incorporating a selfie light stand.

Tips And Tricks To Capture The Best Photographs From Your Cell Phone

Undoubtedly, taking splendid photos on a cell phone is not as effortless as you might think.

So, what is the secret to those marvelous photographs you see on social media every day?

Keep reading to learn a few of these secrets to improve your cell phone photography game.

●       Set The Focus

Nowadays, cameras automatically focus on the foreground, but not every photo has a prominent theme. To adjust the focus, tap the screen where you want to polish up the view.

Moreover, for a single subject, don’t fill the entire frame. Instead, leave two-thirds of the photo for negative space. This helps make the subject stand out. Tap the screen to focus the camera only on the subject to optimize the lighting.

●       Adjust The Lighting

In natural light, the angle is what matters the most while taking a photograph. Similarly, in the case of a ring light, all you need is the perfect angle according to the subject’s pose.

Firstly, attach the ring light to the tripod stand or in front of the lens (it depends on the type of ring light you have). Place it right in front of the subject and take a shot. If you’re not satisfied with the lighting, make the required adjustments using the dimmer controller, and voila! You got the perfect shot!

The best selfie light rings include various features that can help you create unique and extraordinary masterpieces!

●       Use Multiple Shots

One of the notable aspects of smartphone photography is that you can take as many shots in a row as you want and view the results immediately.

Burst photos are an excellent option when shooting with a cell phone since you can take multiple shots while the subject is moving. After taking a set of continuous photos, you can choose the best ones.

●       Avoid Zoomed-In Shots

Digital zoom mostly gives off poor results since it reduces the image resolution. To avoid its use is one of the basic photography techniques.

However, optical zooms are good as they do not directly affect the quality of a picture. If you only have the option of digital zoom, simply eliminate its use and get a little closer to maintain the image quality.

The Imperative Role Of An LED Ring Selfie Light

A selfie light ring usually emits clear white light and is equipped with a stand in the center to place the camera or cell phone. It projects an even halo on the objects in front of it from all directions to cut the awkward shadows without needing a complete lighting setup.

On the contrary, other light sources may produce excellent lighting in some parts but leave the other elements in harsh shadows. But, a selfie light ring for a phone that is perfectly mounted on a light stand can provide uniformity to surface illumination.

Most selfie light ring stands today use LED lights to create a softer effect. Many LED ring selfie lights have a controller to dim the light to provide better control over color temperature, and they are usually the best choice for professional photography.


Now you know the key to an excellent photograph: The ring lights, of course!

Ring lights have taken the world of social media by storm. It might seem dramatic to claim that ring lights can completely transform your images, but the truth is that they definitely take well-composed pictures to the next level.

So, why not give it a try and see for yourself?

May 2024