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Project management is an act of planning, organising, and making realistic estimates of the necessary work for a particular project to be completed in the required time frame. It is the application of major management tools in order to define, research, and manage resources for a project.  Project management is a set of processes that are employed by a Project Manager to determine the most effective way to satisfy the requirements of the project.  It is used to create requirements and manage infrastructure for the system to function, identify and select appropriate resources, and develop and install the project group into the organisation. As on a PRINCE2 Qualification belfast.

There are two commonly accepted definitions of project management:

Since it is the application of the final result of a task to an equivalent resource or people, the management of a complex, time-critical, and interrelated task is the management of the project.  Manage a project by coordinating key resources, people, resources, suppliers, vendors, etc..

There are six fundamentals of project management:

o      Planning

o     Permits

o    Planning concepts

o    Plans

o    Approaches

o    Projects

o    Contingency planning

o    Processing

Projects are required where the dimensions do not match the existing structures and systems of an enterprise.  The project is an development activity which involves an unprecedented amount of commitment, involvement of the organization´s people, program and project planning, work measurement, evaluation, and change control.

The projects must be initiated by the project manager with the purpose of making the organization more productive, cost effective, and competitive.  They provide an organization with the capacity to do new or enhanced product development, enter new markets, and/or the engineering and technological integration of their facilities.  Projects are developed to address particular business needs, technological needs resulting from technological research, or the need for cost reduction.  They are need based, not Prioritized Club (P compile) implementations.

A project is a temporary opportunity for producing new, unique, or enhanced products or services.  A project is undertaken for the solution of an enterprise problem.

A project is limited to a time, scope, and quality of activity determined in advance and intentionally.

A project achieves a change in the organization which must be satisfied by the end result of the activity.

A project is only a temporary opportunity for the organization to take advantage or competitive advantage.

Project managers and their committees have a larger responsibility than other business functions (e.g., finance, human resources, maintenance or facilities) to assist the organization in becoming more competitive, efficient, and productive.  A quality, cost, and resource-efficient project management system will get the job done, even if it, is on a smaller scale.

The bottom line is that projects are required in order for the organization to develop and implemented necessary and adequate infrastructure to carry out a task.

Project management are undertaken to ensure that the appropriate people are involved, and the structure and the process is followed.  Project management is also carried out to ensure the proper utilization of services and materials.

Projects should be undertaken to solve an industry or an organization’s problems and goals.  If an organization can rise to the challenge, it will develop project management as a necessary basis.

Projects are often considered as a means for taking on a difficult task.  “Pibility and feasibility” are the most common reasons organizations conduct projects.

P result s are;

o     Plans: the basis for the management of the task.  Planning creates schedules, budgets, and institutions the estimates needed to proceed to the project.  Plans include the present and future goals required to accomplish the task.

o    Permits

o    Approaches

o    Processes

o   Movie combines plans, ultimate future path, and budgets with specific people, facilities, and time schedules to carry out the task.

o   Books help with planning by physically going together to decide on a course or project.

o    Reengineering

o    Coming Online

o    Separation of functions

o    Structural Increases

The comprehensive list of key people, functions, and professionals is provided in the outline.  Everyone can enjoy quality management.  If you or your organization is a graduate of a program in management education you will identify the major skills needed to carry out an effective project.

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