What a Day in the life of an AWS Solutions Architect looks like

Two major players have dominated the cloud computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. Of the two, AWS has a significant large marketing share with a 47.1% share of the cloud computing market, an increase over the previous years. Since AWS is till now the largest cloud computing service provider in the world today, there’s a lot of promises and pay in the job if AWD solution architect. 


Companies are willing to take employees for high skilled cloud computing and AWS. LinkedIn reported that “cloud and distributed computing” has topped the list of sought after skills in the year 2016-2017. Dice stated that job listing for the AWS cloud platform is increased by 76% between 2015 and 2016. The salaries are highly paid who all are qualified in this job as Business Insider listed 12 jobs in cloud computing that would pay over 100.000 dollars annually.


Working as an AWS Solution Architect will mean you to use your skills and expertise it in developing advanced cloud-based solutions and migrate it in existing workloads to the cloud. The AWS cloud platform empowers a huge number of business in and around the globe and AWS certified solutions architect average if $ 126,000 per year. They can plan, design and scale AWS cloud implementation under the recommendation if Amazon.


Meetings with Sales and customers

The job of an AWS solutions Architect involves architecting solutions. Some part of the day will be spent meeting up the sale and /or the customers. These might be the person to person meeting or being on a conference call so that you know to learn about the problems and needs. This will depend upon the company you are working for and your role in that respective company. Some are more focused on the products and not on the customers. The work you are doing will depend upon the place where you are working and what all are your tasks and even where the customer stands in their level of AWS adoption. All of that will soon come into play.



As said earlier the major part of the job will be to design the solution so that we can meet up the customers need and business goals, developing technical solutions and pre-sales deliverables in the customer’s support. So half of the day will be spent on problem-solving. You will be formulating solution plans, and this will provide guidance on AWS architectural best practices. You will find out the cost control mechanism as well as select the appropriate AWS service based upon the data, compute, database or security requirements.


You will design and arrange scalable with highly attainable and fault-tolerant systems on AWS. You will see the lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS. You might also be said to provide guidance on issues like cost, disaster recovery.



Your days might be predictable was what all the above sounded like, but actually, it won’t be. This is due to a typical day for an AWS solutions architect involving many different tasks. You must be spending many parts of the day reviewing the existing environment and planning new ones. Depending upon where you are working and the exact role, you could be in meetings or even travel to onsite meetings with the customer. You might be writing scripts, working on migration, keeping up with the new AWS features but you can probably work with others team in the house too.


Time management

 With different varieties in a typical day, you need to have excellent time management skills. Planning up your day and managing your time on tasks, prioritizing it on projects will be probably the part of your day as an AWS Solutions Architect.


Staying current

It is too like other technologies that are constantly evolving. This means that part of your day might involve learning and researching new service and features launched by AWS as well as staying at the top of the best practices will improve the existence of AWS solutions. You will be having blogs or discussion boards; you will turn over to where the trusted experts will fill you up with updates and best practices or other SAs debate ways to overcome challenges.


Getting started

Working with a career that provides you with various varieties, a fast pace and the opportunity to help the businesses solve problems. If so, then take the first initiative by getting trained with the AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course. You will be able to learn new key concepts, latest trends and best practices for working with the AWS architecture. Practice assignments and live projects give you experience with the AWS Management Console. 



The outlook of the career for an AWS solutions Architect is outstanding. Many jobs available to you right now will make you become a professional with more options to move up the ladder of success, and once you are in the field, you can provide yourself with more knowledgeable and experienced professionals. 

May 2024