What is the CISSP Exam looks like?

The goal of this certification exam is to validate the technical skills in global terms. It tests your infosec skills and IT security skills as a whole. This certification soars your career to a new next level, but it all depends upon your usage of knowledge.


Data reports after conferring the certification, 45% of certified professionals are not seen to have changed at all. Or bring change with their knowledge, clients and employers get high enthusiastically when they read the certification name in the resumes. But they often run to despair and repent hiring these individuals. It is a false negative situation in the recruitment that most companies try to avoid.


The examination is approved by the DoD 8759 and is listed in categories like IAT level III, IAM Level II, III, and IASAE level I and II. This connotation makes it more disruptive for the consortium to frame innovation every time as the paradigm is at constant change. 


Let’s understand the examination in a deeper sense through the article. 


Scheduling and booking the exam


We are starting the article with this unit is because, either way, the scheduling of the examination is important for any applicant. The trend shows that scoring high or low in the examination solely depends upon the scheduling of the examination after preparation. 


The domains


Out of all the domains, Security and Risk management shares the grave importance. After all, CISSP and the cybersecurity is all about risk, vulnerabilities, threat identifications, and asset valuation. Defining the actual threat and identification of possible consequences, data sequencing, and cyber forensic are the tools with which any certified professional is expected to be an expert. 

That does not mean legality, regulation of policies, and cryptography has no relevance. The single loss expectancy and calculation of the exposure factor, as well as the annualized rate of occurrence, are some of the other factors you need to be an expert in.


Theories would not mend your career. It is how you use the tools and techniques at your disposal.


What could you do to prevent a man in the middle attack? 


Be prepared with a practical question from the beginning so that you get a sense of understanding of what is the goal of the examination. Knowing the difference between encoding and encryption, knowing the most secure options out of SSL, TLS, and HTTPS poses the real type questions. 

The exam revolves around such technicalities. They don’t ask you direct questions; rather, they promote inference-based questions. They quote scenarios and leave you puzzled with the answers in the MCQs. As an ideal candidate who can pass this examination with ease, you must attempt the applicability of the certification.

Start visualizing things from an employer as well as an expert’s perspective. The job role of your after certification is mostly decisional, and if you tend to exhibit low-quality decision making, then my friend’s cybersecurity is not for you. 


The job outlook and the job market


The CISSP Exam is based on the job outlook it has and the job market. Knowing the trend is helpful in preparation. Pose questions and seek answers from the job design. Your half work is done by knowing the expectation of the employers and clients. The outlook, job positions, and the current job market will shift to a sea change as 5G, IoT, and AI transmute the business system.

The (ISC)2 is proactive in this context and regularly updates its system with newer threats and predicts the impending doom. Thus, it gives an unfair advantage to the certified practitioners to their counterparts with no such certification. 


The association


Once you are a member of the CISSP community, you are exposed to tons of data and information about information security. These data are crucial, and every expert in the domain advises an aspirant to have pre-involvement in the community and seek pedagogy from the experts on how to clear the examination with 85 or more percentile.


Being part of the community gives you an extra edge over your competitions. Though in this certification exam, you expect your limitation as your competition. This exam is not about finding who score the highest or who is best among the rest. It is unlike our traditional education system. Here you win with our presence of mind, well-informed brain, and cunningness in addressing real-life problems.




The knowledge of the domain is the most important part of the examination. And nothing out of these eight domains comes in the examination. You will be tested to the fullest of your knowledge based on your choice of answers. Readers must understand the fact that this is more psychometric than direct examinations. It poses questions and validates your grasp of knowledge through imposing near relevant answers with the one right answer. If you tend to deviate from the one right answer, then you unknowingly enter the mirage.

May 2024